DMCA Cloud insurance group provides accurate and exact customized and self-made deals. No one is perfect. As still if you find any of your copyrights content. As don’t forget to contact us first as we will listen to you on this matter. Few of the further process are given below.

The following constituents must be elaborate in your copyright infraction declaration:

  1. Proof: always make a proper proof statement with exact details to avoid unnecessary delay.
  2. Address: never make any of your report abstract. We always work on clarity so clearly write your email and other postal addresses.
  3. Classified data: All of our data and services are real. Still if you don’t agree that. just don’t paste our material without our permission.
  4. Report:A statement description that the grouchy party has a decent faith and assurance that use of the data in the method protested of is not lawful by the patent holder, its manager, or the law.
  5. Verified Data : Verification by the owner and the applicant is must as it is a necessary formality. Make it signed and verified.


Direct the carved breach warning to the following address and an email announcement toCLOUD INSURANCE GROUP

Note : Dmca as we have punctual team working on these matters so it takes time to verify and look through the issue. At least give us 2-3 working days as lenience for your report linked to your email response. And if you send complaint to other parties such as our Internet Service Provider or promoters will not quicken your request and may result in a late response due the complaint not correctly being filed.


While you are filing any bill or complaint related to DMCA , Always be sure that you are already compiling with all of the above mentioned requirement otherwise it may cause opposite effect. Please provide that information sharp. If you fail to fulfill all of these rations, your notice or counter-notification may not be handled further.

Furthermore, we want to elaborate the matter that if any of the complaint contradicts the law of SECTION 512(f) OF THE COPYRIGHT ACT, 17 U.S.C. § 512(f), DMCA we will make an extra action towards you.

Main Benefits with us:
We provide lawsuit services as lawyers and attorneys. Security on higher rations by cameras (CCTV) and our prime location is ideal for IT purposes as in California.


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